Laser/LED Rear Projection

The disadvantage of traditional TFT screens is that the viewing angle has a high influence on image quality. For this reason we opted for a rear projection system, combined with a specially developed rear projection surface. This guarantees a very high image quality, independent of the viewing angle. Agiton Tangible Table uses a Laser/LED hybrid light source to minimize energy consumption and maximize image sharpness and quality.

Optical Vision System

The Optical Vision System enables Agiton Tangible Table to sense touches, objects, shapes and barcodes on its surface. It consists of a very powerful infrared LED, which projects invisible infrared light on the underside of the table surface. Fingers and objects on the table surface reflect this infrared light to five cameras inside of the table. The data collected by these cameras is then processed by a highly optimized software driver and relayed to the operating system.

Fast Processors

Agiton Tangible Table uses the latest Intel® Core™ i7 processors and AMD Radeon™ graphics cards to guarantee a fast and seamless user experience. So Agiton Tangible Table is ready for even the most challenging applications.

And if you need even more power in the future, you can easily upgrade the computer components using off-the-shelf hardware.

Intuitive Applications

Agiton offers intuitive applications which are developed with the horizontal form factor of Agiton Tangible Table in mind. A horizontal surface poses an entire new set of challenges compared to software for traditional, vertical screens. For example, applications have to be accessible and usable from all sides of the table. We have developed a 360° UI and a natural user interface to enable users to easily and intuitively use Agiton Tangible Table.

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