Tangible Computing, redefined.

Tangible Display

Of course, Agiton Tangible Table has a multitouch display. One that can sense an unlimited number of simultaneous touches. And one that can be used by several people at the same time. And one that recognizes objects placed on it.
We call this: Tangible Display. To be exact, this is the most robust tangible display on the market. With a thickness of 1" and a scratch-resistant coating, it's built to last.

Immer im Mittelpunkt

In our fast-paced world, there aren't a lot of things which are still magical and exciting. But Agiton Tangible Table certainly is. Our tangible display provides a revolutionary and rich user experience. There's no other technology that can capture the interest of your guests and customers so fast. Not because the technical specs are so convincing. But because it's fun.

Form Follows Function

What's great design all about? It's about form follows function. The product has to do its job well. We scrapped everything that doesn't contribute to this goal. Because Agiton Tangible Table will be used by many people in an intuitive way, there are no buttons and switches. No unnecessary details. Just a large tangible display.
That's also exactly how we chose the materials. There are no cheap and unnecessary plastic parts. Only CNC-engineered acrylic glass, aluminum and steel.

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